And so it begins….

So today is Friday, this is my first blog and hopefully not my last!

Where do I begin what should I share, everything! I think so I believe whole heartedly in the importance of honesty and openness so here goes…

I am a 32 year mum of two, step mum to five, a wife, a personal secretary (in the paid sense), a daughter, a charity event organiser, a best friend, a baker, a student, a poor money manager and a wine lover!

As I sit here this evening contemplating the reason for me starting this adventure of blogging I realise I have 3 days to hand in my first years final assignment for my degree, we have 6 months until the next charity event and I need take the library books back which are already two weeks late!

My intentions for this blog is keep an account of my crazily busy life day to day life and to share and look back at it with fondness, an account of all that life throws at me.

Question of the day from my son “mummy what’s been the most best bit of your day” my response “seeing you and your sister” x x x so much love x x x

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