Day 2

Went to watch the hubby play his first cup game in 7years this morning the team played well and won 3-0. Now I wouldn’t normally talk about football but I was utterly shocked by the 30 something year old man from the opposing team who behaved worse than my 6 year old at not winning! That boy needed a slap and stern talking too bad losers make me mad!!!

The children enjoyed the game though so not all bad.


We attended a party today with the little lady and left feeling completely inadequate when the mum had provided cooked food for all the parents! And it was beautiful food the children’s party expectation has been raised and I do accept the challenge.

Time to get my assignment on I guess seeing as I have avoided this all weekend.

Discussion of the day was when trying to get my daughter to wear some very cool genuine dr martens in bright pink and her disgust until I mentioned that one direction wear them. What a worry!!! However I do think it was worth the argument she is rocking the boots!!!


Oh and one final thought for the day “gypsies” will forever more been known as “chipsies”

And one more final thing epic BBC news story, what a legend!

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