Day 3

School day today! My daughter gets to stay for lunch today which has pleased her no end. Lasagne and garlic bread, when did school dinners get so yummy Friday was Harry Ramsden fish and chips!!!

My son who has struggled to settle in and was on form in the attitude stakes this morning who’d of thought getting your book and putting it in your bag could ensue such huge issues for a 6 year old. Makes me sad though he’s always been my boy but as if by magic I am no longed enough or needed it’s all about the men in his life I am the evil women who asks him to do the worst things (these include washing your hands, picking up your own things and the worst of all being nice to your sister).
Reading Steven Biddulph “raising boys” has been an interesting read and it would appear to have been written for my son, anyone struggling a with 6 year old boy I recommend a read!!!

Still not completed my assignment so guess what I’m doing later cramming my butt off in true lets leave everything to the last minute style.

Just consumed an awesomely lovely homemade cottage pie one meal always sure to be a family pleaser.

Also may have found a friendly local dog we can steal for walks and fun a mum from school was very happy to share her pooch so good news for us, the little people were most excited about the prospect of walking ruffs.

On a very happy note the little man seems to like me again well for this evening anyway, treasured moments! He is also super happy he has found his mini lynx bottle I am hoping these two things are not linked in anyway


I have also worked today when supposed to be on annual leave but needs must I’m afraid not all bad though as managed to get things up to date, roll on tomorrow.

Quote of the day from my daughter
“I love cheese and I am going to marry it”

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