Day 4

The time is 7:37am the children have left the house with daddy to go to breakfast club and I get to indulge in a shower where no one is banging on the door, doing a poo or trying to get in. Now don’t get me wrong I love my children and it’s sad in some what’s the little lady has started school but in other ways, ITS JUST AWESOME!

Assignment being handed in today about 6hrs late, they may not even accept it! Lesson learnt I must ensure I give myself at least 48hrs to cram and not the night before. Just to wait for the results and hope I’ve made the grade to start again in February.

Exciting times in work after today as I have been asked to help out with some project planning, very exciting but also a little scary!

Bedtime complete for another day this as I am sure for most parents is a frustrating time of day you would think the children would be tired but nooooooo by the time bedtime rocks up they have found there second wind and renditions of “let it go” echo through the rooms! Also another thing why do they need 20 wees and then 20 drinks as if there were no time in the evening to get or do those things? But with bedtime comes reading time and with this comes the guarantee of a cuddle, kiss and an I love you and as they grow these moments are the ones to cling on to.

Quote of the day comes from my daughter again “can I please have macaroni on my pizza” makes me chuckle every time!

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Love the added image, much more inviting! And lovely to learn your name and the ages of the children…hope you enjoyed your shower alone…something I often dream of! Reminds me of a post I did recently called ‘The 5 best things about being back at work’ – have a peek if you fancy it, I think you’ll relate!


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