Day 6

The time is 4:57am and my son felt it necessary to wake up! This has been an ongoing battle he has always been an early riser but really 4:57am, that’s the middle of the NIGHT! We have tried everything… Black out blinds, later bed time, earlier bed time, playing the radio an hour before his wake up time, white noise, returning him to bed, ignoring him and even sleeping tablets from the doctor! It’s impossible and as a result of this ridiculous inbuilt alarm his behaviour, attitude and concentration can be really effected. Any suggestions gladly accepted, however if your response is, like so many others “just put him to bed later” be warned I may not be responsible for my actions, is sleep deprivation a plausible and usable defence!?

I have volunteered to make meals for two families, I love a bit if community spirit plus I am a strong believer in karma and it’s not always about money! Just a home cooked meal can sometimes make things a little easier.

SO SO PROUD so in-spite of the little dude getting up at some ungodly hour he managed to nail an awesome day at school and then LOVED drama club, apparently he made the best monkey noise then have ever heard!!!

Myself and the little lady went on a stealth conker mission and managed to bag loads, the trick go before school kicks out.

This evening will be spend with my dear friend who has no idea we are on a mission to collect food for a couple of local families in need! I’m cooking up some home made grub, a few tins and some fruit should help them along!

Quote of the day, not from the children today but from the late great Kurt Cobain
“If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop”

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