Day 7

Yay! It’s the end if the week and we all made it.

The crazy scary storm had the little people up at 5:24 so no surprise EVERYONE is ready for bed. With the storm came rain and with rain comes snails, so the little lady and I had lots of fun on a snail hunt.



We have also just been introduced to “video star” any parents with children who like to sing and dance download this app now, the worlds most annoying songs but so much fun the kids have loved it and laughed out loud ALOT. I’m a cat meow!!!!!!

Now for an evening with the other half who up until today hasn’t really featured in my blog! And just for the record I loves him, I loves him dearly we intend to try and steal a weekend away after Christmas so no doubt he’ll get another mention then.

Conversation of the day from the little dude, while shaking his bum and other bits at me in some strange dance I politely asked him to put it away his response. “Why! It’s mine” can’t really argue with that!

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