Day 10

That’s it it’s official I have two school aged children. Both are in full time as if today! How did that happen?

It’s incredible to think what feels like only a moment ago I was holding my tiny babies in my arms after them coming into the world, watching them learn and grow has been eventful and some times stressful!
Any parents would agree we encourage our children to speak, walk etc etc but when it happens we quickly realise it wasn’t such a good idea when your days are suddenly consumed by “don’t touch that” “not in your mouth” “don’t do that it’s dangerous” and most importantly “BE QUITE”

However all that aside I’m excited for them this new adventure is a long and sometimes difficult one but well worth the journey!

Plus on the up side there now both in one place no more running around like a daft thing at the end if day, Whoop Whoop!!!

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