Day 11

Sick sick sick!!!!

Made me fall off the blogging wagon

Today was Tuesday and in text I saw my children for about 20minutes.

Works team day meant an early start late finish and straight to bed when I got home due to the most horrific headache. Although the chosen venue was beautiful if and when I can ever afford to go back I will Bovey Castle is amazing and there Faulkner is great.

Day 10

That’s it it’s official I have two school aged children. Both are in full time as if today! How did that happen?

It’s incredible to think what feels like only a moment ago I was holding my tiny babies in my arms after them coming into the world, watching them learn and grow has been eventful and some times stressful!
Any parents would agree we encourage our children to speak, walk etc etc but when it happens we quickly realise it wasn’t such a good idea when your days are suddenly consumed by “don’t touch that” “not in your mouth” “don’t do that it’s dangerous” and most importantly “BE QUITE”

However all that aside I’m excited for them this new adventure is a long and sometimes difficult one but well worth the journey!

Plus on the up side there now both in one place no more running around like a daft thing at the end if day, Whoop Whoop!!!

Day 9

Sunday has consisted of more family time!
First watching daddy play football, they played well but lost 4:3 not that this bothered the children they were just excited to see a cup game.



Then to our local park for the annual Party in the Park which was lovely






It was a real community affair with music, games, rides, food and much more. The little man managed to win a £1 off the local vicar which he was mightily chuffed about!

With what is probably the last weekend of summer it was a great way to spend the day.

Quote of the day from the little miss, after discovering a blister on her finger then requiring a plaster “mummy my finger won’t work now” this was filled with lots of emotion and floods of tears, aren’t children so funny! Bless her I’m sure by morning all will be forgotten.

Day 8

The weekend! Family time!

A few jobs and a trip to town then the afternoon spent in the local park.



Nothing better than watching the children having a great time, bikes and more conkers. The children also befriended a lovely boxer dog named Louie luckily he also had a lovely owner as my son spent a lot of time calling to the poor pooch!

Family film night with munchies and cuddles, love the little people so much!

Oh and much time has been spent singing about cats, video star is still very popular!!!

Quote of the day from the little man “mummy, you are the best mummy ever”

Day 7

Yay! It’s the end if the week and we all made it.

The crazy scary storm had the little people up at 5:24 so no surprise EVERYONE is ready for bed. With the storm came rain and with rain comes snails, so the little lady and I had lots of fun on a snail hunt.



We have also just been introduced to “video star” any parents with children who like to sing and dance download this app now, the worlds most annoying songs but so much fun the kids have loved it and laughed out loud ALOT. I’m a cat meow!!!!!!

Now for an evening with the other half who up until today hasn’t really featured in my blog! And just for the record I loves him, I loves him dearly we intend to try and steal a weekend away after Christmas so no doubt he’ll get another mention then.

Conversation of the day from the little dude, while shaking his bum and other bits at me in some strange dance I politely asked him to put it away his response. “Why! It’s mine” can’t really argue with that!

Day 6

The time is 4:57am and my son felt it necessary to wake up! This has been an ongoing battle he has always been an early riser but really 4:57am, that’s the middle of the NIGHT! We have tried everything… Black out blinds, later bed time, earlier bed time, playing the radio an hour before his wake up time, white noise, returning him to bed, ignoring him and even sleeping tablets from the doctor! It’s impossible and as a result of this ridiculous inbuilt alarm his behaviour, attitude and concentration can be really effected. Any suggestions gladly accepted, however if your response is, like so many others “just put him to bed later” be warned I may not be responsible for my actions, is sleep deprivation a plausible and usable defence!?

I have volunteered to make meals for two families, I love a bit if community spirit plus I am a strong believer in karma and it’s not always about money! Just a home cooked meal can sometimes make things a little easier.

SO SO PROUD so in-spite of the little dude getting up at some ungodly hour he managed to nail an awesome day at school and then LOVED drama club, apparently he made the best monkey noise then have ever heard!!!

Myself and the little lady went on a stealth conker mission and managed to bag loads, the trick go before school kicks out.

This evening will be spend with my dear friend who has no idea we are on a mission to collect food for a couple of local families in need! I’m cooking up some home made grub, a few tins and some fruit should help them along!

Quote of the day, not from the children today but from the late great Kurt Cobain
“If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop”

Day 5

Today has been a positive day the little man has had a good day at school fingers crossed he is feeling a bit more settled! The little lady had a great day too and came home with an awesome drawing of a castle.

After school we went to the park and then conker collecting, yes that’s right conker collecting. It was do much fun it also brought out my competitive side resulting in me shaking bushes and foraging like a gooden!


Also spent the last hour before bed doing puzzles and playing gogo’s with the dude and this has made me proper happy, see he does love me :0)


Had a light bulb moment in terms of the charity event and fingers crossed it will work out, watch this space we could be going viral!

Oh and one more thing, quote of the day from the dude ” mummy can we go to Russia, I want to see a moose”

Day 4

The time is 7:37am the children have left the house with daddy to go to breakfast club and I get to indulge in a shower where no one is banging on the door, doing a poo or trying to get in. Now don’t get me wrong I love my children and it’s sad in some what’s the little lady has started school but in other ways, ITS JUST AWESOME!

Assignment being handed in today about 6hrs late, they may not even accept it! Lesson learnt I must ensure I give myself at least 48hrs to cram and not the night before. Just to wait for the results and hope I’ve made the grade to start again in February.

Exciting times in work after today as I have been asked to help out with some project planning, very exciting but also a little scary!

Bedtime complete for another day this as I am sure for most parents is a frustrating time of day you would think the children would be tired but nooooooo by the time bedtime rocks up they have found there second wind and renditions of “let it go” echo through the rooms! Also another thing why do they need 20 wees and then 20 drinks as if there were no time in the evening to get or do those things? But with bedtime comes reading time and with this comes the guarantee of a cuddle, kiss and an I love you and as they grow these moments are the ones to cling on to.

Quote of the day comes from my daughter again “can I please have macaroni on my pizza” makes me chuckle every time!

Day 3

School day today! My daughter gets to stay for lunch today which has pleased her no end. Lasagne and garlic bread, when did school dinners get so yummy Friday was Harry Ramsden fish and chips!!!

My son who has struggled to settle in and was on form in the attitude stakes this morning who’d of thought getting your book and putting it in your bag could ensue such huge issues for a 6 year old. Makes me sad though he’s always been my boy but as if by magic I am no longed enough or needed it’s all about the men in his life I am the evil women who asks him to do the worst things (these include washing your hands, picking up your own things and the worst of all being nice to your sister).
Reading Steven Biddulph “raising boys” has been an interesting read and it would appear to have been written for my son, anyone struggling a with 6 year old boy I recommend a read!!!

Still not completed my assignment so guess what I’m doing later cramming my butt off in true lets leave everything to the last minute style.

Just consumed an awesomely lovely homemade cottage pie one meal always sure to be a family pleaser.

Also may have found a friendly local dog we can steal for walks and fun a mum from school was very happy to share her pooch so good news for us, the little people were most excited about the prospect of walking ruffs.

On a very happy note the little man seems to like me again well for this evening anyway, treasured moments! He is also super happy he has found his mini lynx bottle I am hoping these two things are not linked in anyway


I have also worked today when supposed to be on annual leave but needs must I’m afraid not all bad though as managed to get things up to date, roll on tomorrow.

Quote of the day from my daughter
“I love cheese and I am going to marry it”

Day 2

Went to watch the hubby play his first cup game in 7years this morning the team played well and won 3-0. Now I wouldn’t normally talk about football but I was utterly shocked by the 30 something year old man from the opposing team who behaved worse than my 6 year old at not winning! That boy needed a slap and stern talking too bad losers make me mad!!!

The children enjoyed the game though so not all bad.


We attended a party today with the little lady and left feeling completely inadequate when the mum had provided cooked food for all the parents! And it was beautiful food the children’s party expectation has been raised and I do accept the challenge.

Time to get my assignment on I guess seeing as I have avoided this all weekend.

Discussion of the day was when trying to get my daughter to wear some very cool genuine dr martens in bright pink and her disgust until I mentioned that one direction wear them. What a worry!!! However I do think it was worth the argument she is rocking the boots!!!


Oh and one final thought for the day “gypsies” will forever more been known as “chipsies”

And one more final thing epic BBC news story, what a legend!